Last updated on December 27th, 2020

Christine D. Beatty is a filmmaker, journalist, published author, musician, photographer, fanatical hiker, and much, much more.

Her professional engagements include (in essentially chronological order) the following job titles: paperboy, studio/darkroom assistant, telemarketer, scaffolding laborer, avionic instruments technician (USAF), rock band sound & light tech/roadie, landscaper, drug dealer (pot & LSD), stucco laborer, electrician, carpenter/handyman, fabrication laborer,¬† security guard, computer tutor, housecleaner, prostitute, escort agency manager, computer programmer/analyst, data entry clerk, roofer, office assistant, bartender, journalist, dominatrix, publisher, working musician, TV/film producer and a senior software engineer of 30 years. She’s also a recovered heroin addict and alcoholic since 1997. See Christine’s personal website for her full, unabashed life resum√©.

Oh, and fuck oppressive religion…