“Gilded Cage”

Last updated on January 19th, 2021

Being in love sucks when it’s someone like you.

A fucked up poem for a fucked up woman. I realized only later what a huge favor you did, doing me like that. It did have its moments, but…

She climbs and flits and soars and glides,
the feathered beauty, so alive, so free to fly and fly
then one fine day she ‘lights upon a sill and spies
another feathered beauty, and when she met her eyes
she knew this had to be the one, she’d long been searching out
and when the other bird looked back, she knew without a doubt.

Hello perfect stranger said the bird she saw inside
why do I feel I know you, like some long lost bride?

The two birds spent hours, reacquainting in this life
somehow knowing long ago they’d been each other’s wife
The bird inside so proudly showed her lovely, gilded home,
the one outside admired it, and then went off to roam.

They visited for weeks and months, their love growing unabated,
the inside bird soon found her cage was something to be hated,
until one day the outside bird said come fly away with me,
come out and spread your wings, with me you can be free,
but the one behind the gilded bars drew away in fear,
for this lovely cage was all she knew for many, many years.

She looked around her cherished home and didn’t see a cage,
secure and warm and comfortable, a shelter from the rage,
the perils of the outside world could not reach her in here,
with all of its discomforts her cage was better than the fear
the fear she dreaded, the great unknown of soaring in the sky
not even by her new love’s side would she ever dare to try.

But your cage is open said the outside bird, just step up to the door
take your wing and join me now, and together we will soar
forever with you’s what I want, oh caged lover mine
but the one behind the gilded bars, she couldn’t help but crying
I want to be with you but I’m afraid to leave all this behind
I’ll take the devil that I know over the devil I may find.

I’m not a devil the free bird said, I want to see you free,
to join me in a life together, together you and me,
but instead the caged bird asked her, why can’t you stay right here
to keep me company and love me and dry up all my tears?
But the free bird did not want to join in her captivity,
so she bid farewell and flew away into eternity.

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