Soledad Moonlight

I’m so busy with script development and a rewrite of my new feature film, I don’t have time to write a new column. Instead I’m sharing test shots that I did with my Sony α7 and a pro-quality GM-series 400mm lens. Soledad Canyon is in the Angeles National Forest between Santa Clarita and Palmdale; not a lot of light pollution—so ideal for night sky shoots!

Full moon over the San Gabriel Mountains

Just for fun I pushed my α7’s ISO setting to 1600 to make it very sensitive. If not for the stars I’d swear this was a daylight shot!

400mm GM-series lens, wide open iris

This last one is a different night, different location and different lens. I’m at the Sepulveda Dam, shooting over the LA River toward Malibu during the massive Woolsey Fire of 2018 that caused so much destruction. Three separate smoke plumes tinged the sunset and brought a moment of beauty to an awful tragedy for so many people and so much wildlife.

Sony α7 on tripod, 1600 ISO, f2.5 at 1/15, GM-series lens

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